03/15/17 6:13pm
By: Greg Muzik

Mary Munford Grandparent Day


This Friday is our Grandparent day at Munford. We are looking forward to all the grandparents and special guests spending part of the day with us.  We are expecting about 350 guests!   I have included the lunch schedule in this letter. In addition to lunch, Lifetouch Photography will be in the auditorium for family pictures. A flyer went home on Monday about this. BBGB Books will be in the library for a book sale. Grandparents can visit the book sale and purchase a book for their grandchild or can purchase a book for the school library to donate in the child’s name. We will add bookplates to all the books donated with the name of the donor and child. In addition to these activities,


This year we will have a Jam Inc Music performance for grandparents who can come early.  Jam Inc. is a local organization that brings “Americana” music into the city at various venues,  and sponsors cover the cost of school performances. Eli West and friends will perform a show at 10:00 AM for grandparents and their grandchildren. Seattle singer and multi-instrumentalist Eli West has staked his claim in the roots music world as one of its most tasteful and innovative musicians. Well known for his work with Cahalen Morrison, Tim O’Brien, Jayme Stone, John Reischman, Tony Furtado and more, his debut solo album entitled “The Both”, centers him as a leader, but also a deeply thoughtful collaborator.  Eli will be joined by noted multi-instrumentalist Joe K. Walsh, a faculty member at the Berklee College of Music, co-founder of Joy Kills Sorrow who's toured with the Gibson Brothers band and Darol Anger’s Mr. Sun. This will be a 45 minute show and is optional, but will be a great show!    If you want to come for the concert, please get here by 9:45 so you can pick up the children and get to the auditorium.  We have about 500 seats, so be a little early if you want a good seat. Following the concert you can head to lunch, up to the library or over to the photo area for pictures. 


Grandparents will come into the lobby and pick up a name tag and pay for lunch (if you are purchasing the meal that day).  You will get a lunch ticket that you just hand to the cashier when you go through the line.   If you did NOT send in your lunch reservation form, please bring a lunch, as we may not have enough food to feed everyone.   We will have a list of students by classroom in the lobby as well as helpers who can guide you around.. Those with grandchildren in more than one room can gather the students from the classrooms and should plan to eat lunch  at the earliest lunch period for the children.   After lunch, grandparents can go with the grandchild to the Lifetouch picture area and/or to the book sale in the library. For those who need it, the elevator is located at the far end of the school across from room 115. After lunch and the two activities, grandparents will return the child to the classroom. If grandparents are going to take students off the school grounds, we need a note from the parents granting this permission.


Grandparent Lunch Schedule and Table Assignments




10:50 – 11:30

11:35 – 12:15

12:20 – 1:00

1:05-  1:45


Callis      10:50


Dunn 12:20

Katz 1:00


Lindstrom  10:50


Myers 12:20



Bennett, M (K) 10:55

Lippman 11:40

Vassar 12:25

Peaseley 1:05

10,11, 12

Jones  10:55

Via  11:40

Ashauer 12:25

Schawarz 1:05

13, 14,15

Brown, B 11:00

Mallory 11:45

Baughan 12:30

Bennett  (5)1:10







Williams 11:00

Carpenter 11:45

Gill 12:30

Lombardi 1:10

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